I'm over 71 and am hip to the techno/geek crowd generally speaking. I get feedblitz (ubergizmo) weekly and it's a great source of info. Yes, I recall Pres. GHW Bush referring to the"internets" years ago...big laugh. Yeah, I know we are heading for a collective societal march toward sharing every waking moment on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the like. A bud in each ear, not much in between. Instead of pardon me or excuse me, all I hear from so many under 30 yrs. of age is huh? Speaking of future shock, how about the advent of the telegraph replacing the Pony Express after a year in 1861? What took five days and nights between Missouri and Sacramento, CA took 5 minutes, thanks to Samuel FB Morse. Now that was a breakthrough! A huge factor in how the north defeated the pathetic south.

The only problem that people suffer from is lack of trust! Its become so bad that even most relationships fail from lack of trust. Since everyones to scared to trust each other then bs laws, regulations & spying will only become worse. We no longer trust governments and governments no longer trust its people. Such a shame we killed our own societies now so we must live with fear of each other. Unbelievable because just 50yrs ago it was a much better world. We even left our doors unlocked all the time.

Not that they don't have their old-folk biases but they are not stupid. They have advisers (all they want) who really do understand the state of the art and I'm sure they know they don't understand the physics of h-bombs. But just like Trevor Timm they can't predict the future. If they screw it all up there will have to be changes. Who knows maybe in 25 years your local geek will have more intrusive power than today's NSA? In 15 years maybe some crazy genius will be able to ruin the world economy.

Technology law will soon be reshaped by people who don't even use email... ...Despite the fact that their clerks (who do most of the heavy lifting) are by and large pretty savvy. Imagine that kind of intellectual deficit in another arena, such as medicine - it wouldn't stand for a minute.

Tim Lee states that the Supreme Court has done a remarkable job of creating laws. I seem to recall that Congress is responsible for creating laws. Unfortunately the Supreme Court and the President think otherwise and are subverting the Constitution.

Sometimes what happens is, due to lack of knowledge we come across such people who just for their benefit cheat on us. And, at that particular moment maybe we could not realize that, but after some time when we realize, it goes too late.

Here, let us just talk about mobile phones and the different plans and the mobile phone bills. So, due to misguidance, we may go ahead and take a wrong plan for ourselves whose call rates are very high. Then, sometime a person may be unable to pay those high bills. In such a case, it affects a person’s credit history and the person is considered as the one with bad credit history. So, sometimes people with bad credit record have to face difficulty while availing mobile phones. But, now there are bad credit mobile phones available in the market.

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The NEC E228 reaffirms the coming of age of 3G handsets. Recent releases have all been significantly smaller and lighter than the first 3G phones, which many people found disappointingly large and heavy.

The NEC E228 isn't just the smallest and lightest non-flip style 3 mobile phone to date, it looks great too. Compact in size, the handset is pleasing to both the eye and the hand, boasting cool styling and sleek lines. The large, high definition colour screen is complemented by a practical key pad layout, making the phone easy and convenient to use.

NEC haven't skimped on the features - all the essentials are covered, including an audio player compatible with MP3, AAC and WMA files, Java applications and 40 chord polyphonic ring tones.

The E228 handset includes both a front and back camera, including 2 x zoom and easy selection between the two.

19Mb of internal dynamic memory provides plenty of capacity for storing messaging and multimedia content. For those requiring expanded memory, the NEC E228 also supports Sony Memorystick Duo.

3 services

The 3G NEC E228 mobile phone supports video calling, video messaging and plays video clips.

Slightly off topic but having read this I'm beginning to think that it won't be terrorism or global warming which ends civilisation it'll be technology. Due to interdependency one day it'll all stop and we'll be history. No money, no communications, global systems of all kinds will cease to function and shortly after so will we. Tent and two rubbing sticks anyone?

So why doesn't GCHQ use these data to check on MPs who claim second housing allowances; to see who is legitimately using their alternative residences and when, and who is letting them out to Whip Lash Annie etc Or for the the PM to check where they are when should have been voting for his latest war... I mean if you have nothing to hide etc see how the little twerps like that.

the data collected by 4-10 billion devices used will be seen by future robots - army to track the past of the humans and id the robots decide to delete the humans who did call,eat more pizzas in the past...they may decide to do so... Monster world system is not big ow but it will be big a decade from now, humans will be all chipped for sure and in the chips may be injected poisons so when computers or robots decide to get rid of human animal, they may do that and depopulate ...free and save the planet from the humans for sure.Humans will be consider to primitive

If ever there was proof needed that the US empire was out-of-control , then this would surely be such an indicator. Will gathering all this information be able to help the US out of its present economic and political paralysis? It will only stave off the final reckoning by some months, not even years.

Robert Litt, general counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said: “There is no element of the intelligence community that under any authority is intentionally collecting bulk cell phone location information about cell phones in the United States.” It`s called plausible deniability.

Why is it that the tabloid newspapers can not breach the security of a few (well alright a lot) of celebrity's answer-phone services (not phone hacking because technically its the messaging system not the phone itself) without being dragged through courts with their private life's brought up before the whole world but the UK and US intelligence agency's can Hoover data,messages etc with nobody blinking an eye to change anything or even caring is beyond me sack them all and start again. How? Start at the top and work down.

Well, I have to admit that up until now I was wavering in my support of the NSA and GCHQ, but now I'm convinced. I'm glad that they are doing what was intuitively obvious to all true patriots all along, and carefully tracking players of online games. And I am particularly gratified that Angry Birds is one of their top targets. Why, anyone who's been exposed to that game should be suspect; it's an insidious tool for training Al Qaeda operatives. (I must exempt myself from suspicion, for my only exposure was once while I was looking over someone's shoulder while they were playing. But let me also say, that was the most suspicious looking ten year old I've ever seen.) I'm going to write Senator Feinstein and Congressman Rogers right away to express my support. I can think of no finer a way to spend our tax revenues! I urge my fellow readers to do likewise.

"if its on the iPhone, we can get it" - Crap, they have a picture of my penis! No, in all seriousness I have been thinking for some time that I do not believe Politicians make any decisions that are not approved/suggested by this 'Skynet'. I think they use this vast amount of data against us continually. They use it to see how far they can push us at any given time, the data being used to predict our responses. They use it rig the stock market (suggesting the current state of the economy is planned). Now, they are also very fearful of Huweii etc because the Chinese know how to do this as well as, if not better than, NSA and GCHQ. There is one question i have though. With all this data, why didnt they stop the riots and occupy movements sooner? See, i think they were also partly orchestrated to test the effectiveness of their populous control systems...like a real world trial. Imagine the data they have gotten from mass demonstrations etc? So when we finally attempt to take our governments back for real they will have some certainty of how we will organise, communicate and react. Because of this i am fairly certain that we will defeat the NWO from the inside out. THERE MUST be more Snowdens out there. What i want is not the documents and presentations, i want the secret recordings that show the world exactly what they think of us and what they are planning. IT MUST be discussed in these organisations. I hope someone can one day just get us the undeniable proof so the Sheeple have no choice but to accept the harsh reality that we are all slaves and they want to remain our masters. Just my thoughts on the matter. I have known this NSA stuff many many years ago and always knew it was going on so im gonna follow my gut on this too.

The fact that the spooks are targeting computer games show that their interest in spying on terrorists is probably simply an excuse to cover up all sorts of other iniquitous practises. Oh dear. Awful to be caught in a lie.

The average person shouldn't care at all about this. After all, most people use Google and Facebook on a regular basis. They represent a much greater threat to our privacy than the NSA. At least the NSA isn't going to feature my photo in an ad, or show me ads. Put another way, the NSA and Google both violate our privacy - Google goes a step further and exploits our personal information. If this stuff really does bother you, then perhaps you should start using privacy-based sites like DuckDuckGo, Ravetree, HushMail, etc.
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